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Work Closely with Me!

If you are wanting to dive deeper into understanding your Human Design, then working with me inside my program The Experiment 2.0, or in a 1:1 capacity is a great way to get the information, support and transformation you desire.

The best option is to join us inside The Experiment 2.0, my group program where we dive into aligning the core areas of your business with your Human Design in a high support container. There are options to add on 1:1 support inside also. You can find the info below!

I only have limited availability for 1:1 work and the information is below.

These are potent containers, where my Projector wisdom will shine a spotlight on exactly where you have the opportunity to create deeper alignment in life, business, or both.


Tap into your unique energy through Human Design and create a business that allows you to become truly magnetic to the success you desire, without having to “do” more

1:1 Options

1 Hour Session 1:1

These sessions are a great way to dive in, ask your questions and get really practical advice on living more deeply aligned with your Human Design. Caroline will tailor the session to your specific questions and current areas of focus.

You can book now by clicking below!

Investment is $400 $350 AUD

Have Me Consult on Your Business

I love to consult for and guide business owners through bespoke packages. These can be anything from a VIP day, to a longer term contract. This option is great if your business is in need of a full realignment, you have a team you wish to bring along, or if you are ready for deep transformative work to overcome what is blocking your success.

Please book a free call below to discuss your specific needs.

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Your way with words and delivery to articulate information is incredible. Your honesty and energy is pure truth... the care you take to make sure it's understood... you inspire me... your application in life and business and your attitude and energy just feels like harmony


Lynn Srane


I can’t recommend highly enough taking the time to sit down with Caroline and go through that process, capturing all of the goals and intentions you have for your business, and also discovering things you were too scared to admit that you wanted to achieve or create.


Elle Duggan




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