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Hi, I’m Caroline, mum of 2 young girls, business owner, and lover of all things online business.

I help my clients reduce the overwhelm, take back their time, and allow them to grow an amazing business, all without neglecting their life. My experience and expertise as a Hypnotherapist, Business Alignment Mentor and Human Design Junkie means I can help you go from overwhelmed and stressed, to aligned and successful, without the hard work and hustle!

Creating your business of success means combining 3 key aspects.

1. Energy- understanding, exploring and experimenting with our unique energy brings our business to life so that we can serve, in a way that feels in flow. (Human Design is the tool I use to create journey through this.)

2. Identity- in order to create what we want we must first have the mindset of someone who has it. (NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching allow us to upgrade the identity with ease to support your journey.)

3. Strategy- not one from the back of a cereal box, nor a guru, this is about creating a strategy to show up and serve that works for you. (I have tried lots of those strategies over the last 4 years, and I am betting you have too!)

Ready to get started?!

A Life or Business By Human Design Blueprint is a great place to start.

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Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Your way with words and delivery to articulate information is incredible. Your honesty and energy is pure truth... the care you take to make sure it's understood... you inspire me... your application in life and business and your attitude and energy just feels like harmony


Lynn Srane


I can’t recommend highly enough taking the time to sit down with Caroline and go through that process, capturing all of the goals and intentions you have for your business, and also discovering things you were too scared to admit that you wanted to achieve or create.


Elle Duggan


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