Episode 125- How I Use Human Design in My Business

Apr 05, 2022
human design in my business


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Join me today as I chat about how I use Human Design in my business, specifically in relation to working directly with clients.

I feel like this conversation could be a month's worth of episodes, but I wanted to keep it short and practical, so I have focused on 3 key areas where Human Design helps me to serve my clients better.

  • how I use Human Design to guide my clients to make empowered decisions
  • how Human Design helps clients overcome imposter syndrome and comparisonitis
  • how my defined centres create new superpowers with my clients

If you are ready for more ease in your business, as well as bigger impact and income, then it is time to step forward and claim it. Slide into my DMs on Instagram and let's chat about how I can support you. Handle is @caroline_lynda_coach

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